The idealism of youth
The mystery of love
The concept of charity
The gift of time
The vastness of space
The wisdom of nature
The magic of dawn
The patience of God
The nooks of words
The proof of a promise
The forgiving heart of a murderer
The sequence behind a grave
The smell of my ashes
The loneliness of a planet
The burning desire of a sun
The courage of motherhood
The cause of war
The foolishness of love
The vision of light
The blindness of followers
The wings of mind
The ignorance of belief
The sacrifice of a candle
The taste of bitter
The courage to suicide
The fall of Hitler
The fear of darkness
The emptiness of blackhole
Ocean in search of a fish
The lust of philosopher
The blindness of just
The pain I no more feel
These inhuman humans
Loneliness in a mammoth
The stranger by my side
Intensity of a dying poet
Might of an atom
Miracle of life
My aching back in the grave
The misty eyes of my slave
Promises of a fading leave to a falling star.

— Sudhanshu & Shan, 1991

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