Random Verses

How much farther will you take
O beautiful maiden
Tell me, to what shore is bound
Your golden boat.

— Khalil Gibran


Anyone can make a mistake
That is why mind has forgetfulness
Anyone can think high
That is why the head is on the top
Anyone can share a bit of his tea
That is why cup has a saucer
Anyone can walk alone
That is why shadows moves with him
— Swaty Prakash??


From compromise and things half done,
Keep me with stern and stubborn pride,
And when at last the fight is won,
God, keep me still unsatisfied.


There is nothing but water at holy places,
An I know that they are useless,
For I have bathed in them;
The images are lifeless, they cannot speak,
I know, for I have cried aloud to them;
The purans and kurans and mere words
Lifting up the curtain, I have seen.

— Kahlil Gibran


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