My XT2 settings

I will stick to my mantra:

Manually set dynamic range to 100%, this and ISO are tied together in auto mode and high DR can make skin tones look fake and plastic.

Manually set ISO, try to always use the lowest ISO possible.

Use area autofocus or zone, but keep it to the center portion

Use Provia or Astia film simulation for most everything. IMO you do not need to mess with noise reduction, sharpness and that stuff

Use the Average or center weight metering pattern unless the lighting is mixed and or not even then use the advanced meter.

My XT2 JPEG conversion settings (XT2 is so good with JPEG conversion that now-a-days I rarely need to convert from raw)

Image Quality> FINE+RAW

Dynamic Range > 100% (I may choose AUTO under bright daylight)

Film Simulation> ASTIA is my favorite choice for now. For a more in depth look at Film sim’s and tone options,

Sharpness> +1 (Personally I usually leave this at 0 since shooting primes wide open gives sharp results. My recommendation for +1 is for those shooting zooms)

Highlight Tone> -2

Shadow Tone> 0  

Mechanical + Electronic shutter : From those three nearly everyone will be setting the Hybrid mode as their default shutter choice for obvious reasons – It gives you the best of both worlds. If ELECTRONIC SHUTTER or MECHANICAL+ELECTRONIC is selected, shutter speeds faster than 1/4000s will be chosen automatically in Program AE and Aperture Priority AE or they can be chosen manually in Shutter Priority AE or Manual mode by rotating the shutter speed dial to 4000 and then rotating the command dial to the desired speed. Plus you can use flash / strobes and triggers with this mode since flash sync speeds are covered by the mechanical shutter, though I would still select the mechanical shutter option if using flash / strobes regularly for eliminating any incompatibility issues or other bugs.  

Interlock spot AE & Focus Area> Select ON to have the spot metering sensor tag along the AF area position so whatever you focus on is also your spot metering sample! (dont forget to select Spot as the metering of choice for this case).

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