About Me

I am one with the world but often, I am the one against the world too. When arrogance takes the better of me, I scale mountains to size myself up and when too much solace makes me a recluse, I let my 8-year-old lead me for a day. I cannot really define myself on an A4 sheet because I breathe contradictions.

I often like to dive deep with closed eyes and uncertainty gives me an adrenaline rush but ask me my year-end plans and I will divulge what I plan for next year too. I read a lot to plunge in a world of words and imagination, and these words then help me spring back and face reality. Having dwelt deep in mines and faced darkness with only danger as companion, I like to call myself a brave heart but my mock fear when the family fights a cockroach comes in handy when life lessons become boring.

Some call me recluse, others a 2 a.m. friend, family calls me a risk taker and strangers find me a family man. I am a cocktail of beings, and that keeps me going. Because I change, I don’t fear wearing out and because I don’t fear wearing out, I change.